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  • 6 styles available
  • Pewter aircraft and museum logo
  • Casted 3-D design
  • Lead free
  • Size 2-2.25” wingspan X 2-2.5” nose to tail 
  • 4.25-5” total length 
  • Size varies by style

Keep your favorite aircraft with you at all times by adding one or more of these Sparta Pewter key chains to your keys. Pewter is a cherished material for collectibles, and these uniquely designed aircraft key chains feature exquisite details that give them an heirloom quality that you'll cherish for years to come. Each of these key chains has been handcrafted to be a unique work of art that will allow you to celebrate some of the world's best-loved planes. Choose the detailed key chains you love best or collect them all. You'll appreciate their lustrous hand-polished finish and their durable composition that features an alloy metal with more than 9/10 tin and Britannia pewter.


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    P-38 Keychain

    Posted by Tom Brody on 9th Dec 2020

    The P38 keychain comprises a solid metal model of the P38 Lightning, a round metal medallion that reads, PLANES OF FAME, and a short chain. I used wire cutters to remove the chain, which left the P38 attached to the round medallion. Then I put epoxy glue on the bottom of the fuselage and pressed it onto the dashboard of my Honda Fit. It is now glued to the part of the dashboard that faces the sky, and that is directly under the windshield. When I start my Honda, I sometimes touch the P38, and it brings me good luck. I own the book, P38 Lightning by David Doyle. Also, I took photos of a flying P38 at the annual EAA airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I also read V-22 Osprey by Richard Whittle, and Skunk Works by Rich and Janos. Anything relating to the U.S. air force is interesting to me. During my years of employment in San Diego, I lived near the MCAS marine base, and saw jet planes and V-22 Ospreys fly overhead every morning, during my commute to work. Before that, I was employed in Orange County and during that time, I visited PLANES OF FAME museum in Chino, CA.