Marauder Man

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Brown stands out from the ranks of World War II memoirists in three ways. First, he was brought up a Quaker and had to examine his conscience seriously before rejecting conscientious objector status and entering the Army Air Corps. Second, he flew the fast, rugged, lethal B-26 Marauder medium bomber, a plane that was unforgiving of mediocre piloting and, because of it, not widely publicized during or after the war. Third, he flew as a bombardier-navigator, a demanding and highly skilled job, crucial to successful missions and conducted with evolving and imperfect technology (he served additional duty as the nose gunner). His crew nearly crashed ferrying their plane to England via Greenland, and flew one mission from England shortly after D-Day. Thereafter he flew with a number of different crews out of improvised bases in France, with accidents, flak, and the Luftwaffe taking a stress-inducing toll that attests that a war almost won still kills. Brown survived, intact in mind and body, to contribute worthily to the annals of World War II. Roland Green